1977, into the business community, by the people responsible for the husband and wife duo create a simple Jinwen, engage in high-, low-control work and, occasionally the silicon-controlled rectifier to undertake the manufacture, and have access to electrochemistry; thereby greatly Interest, but also opened a stainless steel surface treatment of the cause. Stainless steel grinding from the early beginning of electrolysis, the main use for medical equipment, marine hardware, food equipment, such as dyeing and finishing equipment.
1984 changed to peach-seok Enterprises Ltd., the first capital amounted to 500,000, while Mr. Jin Wen Chien for their own research and development to the color of the stainless steel electrolytic method, this technology research and development should be the first country alone, The silvery stainless steel into a black, brown, blue, yellow, purple, green, bronze color of the seven colors of stainless steel, stainless steel is no longer the cold metal, but life color works of art.
Established in 1991 etched stainless steel sector, bought four feet wide set of automated equipment for etching, 5-foot-wide automatic etching of a continuous and automatic printing presses, manual printing presses and other equipment, etched in stainless steel processing. The main purpose for the elevator door, the general metal doors and windows, curtain walls, cabinets, chrome plate, and so on.
1994 imported from abroad vacuum ion plating machine. In a single body cavity with multiple plasma arc and magnetron sputtering target two sources, in TiN, TiAuN different metals and TiAlN coating. Coating a golden color, red bronze, brown and black, and so on. Applicable to all kinds of decorative coating.
Since 1995 Canada imported 4 '°— 8' sculpture of a computer, computer carving in the grinding and multi-directional processing, that is, 3 D stainless steel plate processing visual art. The next year, to develop 4 '°— 10' computer engraving machine, one Taiwan; can be integrated mirror, the profile of, indiscriminate profiling face, sandblasted face, etched surface, such as processing, in the stainless steel surface and produce the art of special effects Stainless steel plate.
Pearl made of stainless steel in 2001 BLAST processing method of invention patents, 20 expiration date. Processing the largest size 4 '°— 4M.
Pearl surface of stainless steel plate system
In 2002 to develop large-profile surface grinding machine chaos, chaos profiling of grinding size of 4 feet °— 6M quality has reached the standard of Japanese imports.
2003 photoelectric technology important to set up the mother - light guide plates fired die-manufacturing department, imports of the most senior SUS430 and SUS431 DP2 mirror plate and construct 1000 three sets of large-scale clean rooms, Ganmo machine, centrifugal coating machine, precision Taiwan printing, lithography, etching continuous two-sided automatic machine and electrolytic etching and other precision equipment, in the light guide plates die-creation. At the same time a light guide plates and die-manufacturing inventions and patents, 20 expiration date.
2004 established the cause of the dust-free paint mirror; purchased semi-automatic continuous painting Taiwan and construct large-scale clean room 1000, in the stainless steel plates, copper, aluminum and other metal mirror of the paint. Film 20 ~ 6 0 £g, hardness 1 ~ 4 H, processing thickness 0.3 m / m ~ 3m / m size 4-foot °— 8 feet, and the quality has reached the required standard in Japan.
In 2006 the purchase of new plant located in Taoyuan County Pingzhen City Fudan Rd 97, Lane 6, the establishment of Plant, expansion of energy services.

* Main product°G

  1. A stainless steel shade guide 5. Pearl of sandblasting board
  2. Stainless steel plate etched 6. Embossing plate
  3. 3D art stainless steel plate 7. Mirror paint clean plate
  4. Stainless steel plate indiscriminate profiling 8. Electrolytic polishing

* Main purpose°G

°@°@Elevator door, curtain wall, metal building materials, metal works of art, advertising signs, flow rationale Taiwan, brand name, e-panel, die-light guide plates, etc. .. filter screen.

Factory 1°JNo.11, Ln. 36, Sec. 3, Fudan Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Factory 2°JNo.6, Ln. 97, Sec. 3, Fudan Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan (R.O.C.)