* Mirror Painted

  This company has 1000 level of large-scale dustlessness rooms, 4 foot wide continuous type sprays paint Taiwan, is engaged in the plate mirror surface paint film processing. Degree of hardness may from 1H~4H, the membrane thick 20μm~60μm regarding request the mirror surface, the wear-resisting situation is suitable.
  At present has attained the Japanese biggest kitchenware company to approve the use.
  Finishing size: Thickness of slab 0.3~3.0m/m, board 4 foot ×8 foot.
  Uses its mirror surface characteristic Guang Fan to use in the high-level indoor outside decoration and the design, this company entire automation production process, the quality stability is high, the reasonable price, the delivery is punctual, may depend on the customer its demand manufacture.
Mirror Painted baking varnish self-restraint
Material Stainless steel(SUS - 304)、Copper plate

0.6 m/m ~ 2.0 m/m

Greatest size 1219 m/m * 2440 m/m
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