* Characteristics of the shade guide¡G

¡@¡@1. Use of the anode miles, generated by oxidation hair color.
¡@¡@2. Stainless steel substrate, the lines are still clearly visible.
¡@¡@3. There are seven basic colors, but also the middle-order.
¡@¡@4. With printing technology, and etching techniques, can have a variety of art performance.
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* Attention should be used¡G
  1. When fusion processing:
Please as far as possible avoid using the fusion processing. Because sends the color plate in the fusion time because will affect hotly has the color deterioration. Or partial decolorization. Therefore meets has must situation of the joint, regarding the visual spot, please use then ways and so on medicinal preparation, two-sided rubber or soldering. No matter needs the relative time in the design or the manufacture. In addition, should pay attention to temperature of the soldering by not to reach temperature of the color deterioration to be limited to, and the welding flux should also pay attention does not contaminate the visual surface obviously.
  2. Processing time:
The shade guide and hair color art of bending colored plates and stainless steel processing usually the same. However, if the bending part of the material inside the V-shaped cut narrow trough, so parts can bending effects in the elegant shape processing, and then melt-processing and other circumstances, how can we not have an impact on etching patterns should be considered to be of .
  3. When cleaning up:
Sends the color plate meets has when the fingerprint pollution is extremely easy when discovers must defaecate, the available neutral lotion, XYLENE, ACETONE and so on organic solution, with the sponge or the soft cotton material gets wet the clean. May not use the snake melon cloth, brush, the light stone flinty and so on.
  4. Installs when:
If before the job still had the rough renovation and so on, the project, please do not paint the protection film. Meets when has uses the Uygur Neil board, please do become spongy PS and so on to protect. Sends the color plate and sends on the color art color plate, if has the scratch not to be able to perform to patch.
Therefore when leaving the plant attaches the protection epithelium, will finish until the processing later only then denudes the epithelium.
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