* Use examples¡G

Needs of industry Main application
Construction Louver, in external decoration board, gate, room Liang Ji, column shell, railing, door leaf, folding door, compartmented decoration board, building metal utensil, microwave oven foot rest, skirtboard, electricity staircase with a handrail, elevator, advertisement, furniture, rain rill, kitchen.
Home use,
the industrial used vehicle,
specialized uses
The bath trough sets at the board, the class principle Taiwan cabinet, to demonstrate that the display window, trades machine, the shredder, the refrigerator, the big box, the national treasury, the solar energy collector, the radiator fin, to wash the face automatically the washstand, the electrification product, specialized to use the kitchen.
Transportation machinery,
The automobile sells the field, the ships inside and outside to decorate, the bicycle greatly.
Miscellaneous manufactured articles The clock, the mailbox, the musical instrument, the inscribed horizontal tablet cartography, the household utensils multicolored decorations, receive the tray.

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