* Electro Polishing

@@Stainless steel in sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid in the cell, impose the appropriate current density; stainless steel that is a dissociation, the formation of metal ions, and Suangen with a sticky layer, the dissolution rate than the proliferation of speed, cutting-edge trigger Discharge, convex rather than concave Department of the Ministry of dissolved metals, increasing the surface smooth, polished to achieve the effect. Electropolishing but only in very little effect, as can be demonstrated.
@@Too rough surface, the effect was not obvious. Stainless steel material, polishing the surface by electrolysis of crude up to R a <0.1 3 g m, Rmax <0.7 g m, and passivation layer inspection, the use of ESCA inspection Cr / Fe ratio greater than 1.5, CrO / FeO ratio greater than 2.0, AES from the In-depth analysis of chromium oxide thickness is greater than 20 A X to the requirements of ultra-clean pipe, valves, medical equipment, marine hardware, food, chemical and biological machinery are very appropriate.
Stainless steel grinding electrolysis   Sends the color elegant glass door
Sends the color building curtain wooden fence   Sends the color natural lighting canopy
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